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About us:

Mitstrong Mould &Machine Co., Limited is specialized in designing and manufacturing PET injection preform mold and PET blowing mold. It is the earlier company adopting needle valve of no-cutting and hot runner system. We offer perform mold from 1-72 cavity. SIDEL, KORONES, SIPA, SIG and ASB. We are one of a fewer companies who can take the place of imported PET molds and blow molding machine

Products of Mitstrong:

1. With hot runner and valve gate struction.

2. High quality steel: S2316 (Germany ).

3. Off-center Adjustment System ensure the preform with less eccentricity. (with in 0.1mm).

1. DME standard moulds spare parts and mould base.

2. Deliver every mould on time

3. Pro/E, Solide works, U.G., A-CAD... for mould and products design.

Our Products:
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