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PET Bottle Solution:

How To Make PET Bottle

Today, 2-stage mathod is the main type of PET bottle production because of it's strong suit. Usually 2-stage method is adopted to produce PET bottle.

First stage is to produce PET preform from PET resin by Injection Moulding Machine.
Second stage is to produce PET bottle from PET preform by Blow Moulding Machine

PET preforms are produced in 4 steps:
1. The PET plastic (in the form of grains) is dried to avoid moisture affecting the mechanical properties of the product.
2. The dried PET is melted in an extruder, mixed, and may also be coloured.
3. The molten PET is injected into a mould, and it then solidifies to yield a solid preform.
4. The preforms are taken out of the injection moulding dies and after cooling stored for transport to the customer.

1. Preform production line:

Type A
Type B

2. Bottle production line:

Type A
Type B

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