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As a professional perform molds, perform moulds, pet perform molds manufacturer, exporter, supplier and factory in China.--Mitstrong Mould & Machine Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer & exporter of mechanical equipment of China, we specialize in PET bottle blower, injection molding machine, PET preform mold, plastic mold, perform mold, perform mould, pet perform mold, pet mold, pet mould, pet perform mould and Plastic Products.

Preform Mold
About Preform moulds
Preform Mold

Multi-cavity preform moulds do not use the cold runner design. An often-used design for the runners is hot plate design.

In hot plate design, every two cavities share a heating zone the temperature of which is measured by a thermocouple. There will be a sprue at the bottom of the preform of no more than 5 mm. After stopping the injection molding process for a while, there is a chance the runners are blocked and must be cleared by a time consuming process. Hot plate design is economical and is popular in China. perform molds, perform moulds, pet perform molds

The most sophisticated runner design is the valve gated hot runner design. Each cavity has its own heating zone and is temperature measured by a thermocouple. There is no sprue at the bottom of the preform. When the injection molding stops, the valve gate closes the runner so the runners will not be blocked. The cost of valve gated hot runner is US$1,500 per cavity. An 8-cavity preform mould costs more than the injection molding machine that holds it. perform mold, perform mould, pet perform mold
We can provide our customers 3 types of preform mould to suit your market. With advanced technology from Germany and years mold building experience, we can offer you high performance molds at competitive price.
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
perform molds
perform moulds
pet perform molds
  • Without tail, gate was sealed by air cylinder.
  • Self-lock struction.
  • Price: expensive
  • hot runner design
  • With a little tail, which need not cutting..
  • Self-lock struction.
  • Price: normal
  • With long tail, which need further cutting.
  • Self-lock struction.
  • Price: low
  • hot plate design
  Main Feature:
Mold cavity from 1 up to 48.
With hotter runner and air sealed structure, you needn't bother with the annoying tails any more. Since the tail is within 1mm. You can use the preform into blowing directly.
Cavity and Core are made from S2316 steel to guarantee mold's high precession.
Digital Control Lathe, EDM, jig-boring machine and high-precision grinding machine have been used on mold building for precision.
Balanced cooling channel provide bright transparency to preform.
Carry out self-lock structure for each cavity independently to prevent the final preform from eccentricity problem.
Off-center Adjustment System ensure the preform with less eccentricity (less 0.1mm)
Preform mold life reach 1,000,000 shots. perform molds, perform moulds, pet perform molds

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