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Injection Molding Machine

[plastic injection molding machine, plastic injection moulding machine]

As a professional plastic injection molding machines, plastic injection moulding machines manufacturer, exporter, supplier and factory in China.--Mitstrong Mould & Machine Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer & exporter of mechanical equipment of China, we specialize in PET bottle blower, injection molding machine, PET preform mold, plastic mold, plastic injection molding machine, plastic injection moulding machine, mini injection molding machine, mini injection moulding machine and Plastic Products.

plastic injection molding machines, plastic injection moulding machines

For different material,we have two different types of injection molding machine,MI series and MI-P serie.

MI series is the general type,which are available to injection molding of various thermo plastics such as PC, PP, PE, Nylon, A.B.S.PET.PVC produce all kinds of medium-or small-size plastic articles and daily-use commodities; The M I-P is specially designed for PET preform production.

Along with the developing of modern industry, the new plastic material's application scope, because of material's durability, light, low cost, shiny characteristics, becomes wider and wider, including the containers, household appliances, medical, sports field and so on. plastic injection molding machines, plastic injection moulding machines

The working principle of injection molding machine:
The Material after being heated and plasticized in the barrel, then it will be injected into the mold, the final products will be formed after cooling.

plastic injection moulding machine
Main Feature:
1. Adopted imported computer special designed for injection molding machine, different languages are optiona. Various thermoplastics such as PS, PC, PP, PE, Nylon, A.B.S.PET.PVC. etc.

2. Hydraulic system has equipped with world famous oil pump, proportational pressing valve and oil flow controlling valve to get high precision action.

3. Double proportional pressure-flow hydraulic system with low noise, low power consumption and stable running characteristics. plastic injection molding machine, plastic injection moulding machine

4. Mold platen is made of graphite cast iron, and tooled in high precision numerical equipment, with high solidity and durability. Adopted trunk type combined platen to ensure higher action precision.

5. Central hydraulic ejector system, you can adjust the ejecting stroke through the approaching switch during the stroke scope, also you can set as several times ejector or vibration ejector according to particular condition.

6. Precision temperature controlling system, resistance heating ring is used for heating barrel, equipped with automatic temperature controller or controlled by PID system in computer, heating is fastly and equally.

7. High precision potentiometers, three famous brand potentiometers are used for controlling injection, mold moving and ejection respectively, the precision can reach +/-0.1mm.

8. Mechanical and pneumatic safety protection device, the mold closing will not be done until closing the safety door. plastic injection molding machines, plastic injection moulding machines

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