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Control system

The produce parameter's loading course is simply and facility though the friendly touched interface of reliable programmable logic control.

In the other hand, most production parameter could be adjusted solely in producing course. In the system's working course, the self-diagnose system could display the wrong operation on the LCD

Preform loading and feeding system

Prefrom are feed by feeding belt to the feeding tramroad. A durable parallel adjustable set ensure the perform feed to and place on the carry head.

After the perform reached its' right position, it will be fed to heating units by manipulator one by one under headstand mode of the preform's.

Preform heating system

The preform will be heated by goes though the heating area.

The voltage is controlled by MITSIBUSH computer through PLC, and the temperature can be displayed to the computer through the temperature detector, so we can adjust the temperature as we want easily.

In the heating area,every lamp's position could be adjusted independently and every heating lamp's power is controlled by computer to get precise stability heating.

An infrared camera is used to watch the heating condition at the end of the heating course in this system. then th computer can control the action according to the feed back information.

In order to avoid the heated air to heat the preforms through heat conduction, we should exhaust the heated air from the oven, we adopted concentrated air exhausting system to solve this problem.

Stretch-blowing molding system

This system is composed of frontal mold platen, middle mold platen, rear mold platen, self-lock system(SMC), sealing-stretching cylinder, mold bottom cylinder, whole-pressing cylinder, strobe cylinder, differential device etc.

The stretch system is adopted mouth-sealing and stretching 2-in-1 combined cylinder.

Mold clamping is equipped with SMC self-lock cylinder. The pressing cylinder and strobe locking bar will prevent mold opening under blowing air high pressure, this will guarantee the bottle's half line.

The mold's open-close action works under the control of compressed air system and computer. The installation and disintallation operation of the mold is very facility.



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