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About Us
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Mitstrong is a manufacturer & exporter of mechanical equipment of China, we specialize in PET bottle blower,injection molding machine, PET preform mold, plastic mold and Plastic Products.

We have established close business relationship with the stable supplies which is the leading manufacturers in them line, so, we're not a company supplying products only, but also emphasized in turn-key solution with the quality guarantee.

Technology - Performance
  • Fast cycle time
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low start cost
  • Short maintenance times
  • Complete automation
Flexible Organisation
  • Short decision lines
  • Continuous product improvement
  • Young and motivated team
  • Efficient sales network
MITSTRONG Differentiation Company values
  • Highly skilled people
  • Advanced technology
  • Consistent and high quality
  • Possibility to vertical integration
  • High efficiency ( over 95% )
  • Low cost producer


  • Company culture £º advance in explore
  • Management £º keep improving,aspire after excellence and client first.
  • Guide line of action:trust,comity,innovation
  • Style of action£ºconcision,efficiency first
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 Our Promise:
 1. Response quickly
 2. Excellent products
 3. Competitive price
 4. Turn-key service
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